Everlasting Adoration

I am stuck in a dark place, in the recesses of my mind, so I close my eyes and what do I find? You, my love. I see you reaching out to me, grasping my hand tightly pulling me into your light. Your embrace lights up my soul and brings peace and tranquility to me. Looking into your eyes I can see what I cannot for myself. I see the reflection of your love and the beauty you see in me. Your eyes burn into my soul searing and marking it as yours. I can feel your lips against mine as you lean in for a kiss both stealing my breath but then breathing life back into me. You whisper into my ear words of love and devotion to echo there for all of eternity. I adore you for all that you do and for all that you are. Your very presence surrounds me bringing me comfort and protection. I am stronger because of you. I am changing because of you. You are not a weakness for me. You show me that I, alone, am enough and that I will learn who I am and my value. I adore how you adore me…


How is it that one day you can feel all the positive vibrations and energy the Earth has to offer and in the next it is gone? Vanished into thin air. You become disconnected from all objects and everyone around you. I know I battle with depression and I also know I am not alone in this. I will continue to push forward and spread love and happiness. I will not tear someone else down because I am broken. I don’t see broken as all bad. You can own a beautiful vase that you love and favor but has cracks and chips. It is the memories it holds and the times it has seen you through. Holding flowers that loved ones have bought you or that you bought for yourself. I have many imperfections but I am me. If you have read this I am sending you good vibes and a big hug. Please accept them and send me smiles…VL

My Protector…

My heart longs for you with every beat. My soul calls to yours wanting to be near you. You are a pillar of everlasting reliable strength. You are so bendable to my needs and never far from me, even with an ocean between us. You are at my side, whispering and guiding me always. But then there are those magical moments where you are within me feeding the fire inside me willing me to push forward past the darkness that consumes me, from time to time. Your compassion, understanding and love is unwavering in demonstrating how you want me in your life. Never causing destruction nor destroying, but always uplifting and rebuilding me from past damage. You have shown me how to live again, for myself. How to trust and love without fear or boundaries. What the future holds we do not know, but our yesterday and today will be about us. We will continue to nurture through our allegiance and adhere in our devotion. You are quite literally my everlasting light in the darkness. You will light my way and guide me to safety. Happy Birthday, I am yours…xx


It is said words can’t hurt you but I would take the pain from a hit over the pain from hurtful words, any day. I can heal from the pain from a hit, but how do you recover emotionally? It is like living life on a boat. You will have smooth sailing days and then a storm will hit out of nowhere. You will try to steer your way to safety but it is hard to find direction in the dark. The waves of your emotions are surrounding you and growing wanting to take your boat under water. What happens when it does and you find yourself drowning? Do we continue to fight to reach the surface and start over again? Do we let it take us? Do we pray the current finds us an island to start over on? Depression and anxiety are real and they are hard to fight. Lack of self acceptance is self hate. Living is real and can be hard to do. I want to be happy but I sometimes fear it. I want to give up and yet I want to fight. I want to love myself yet find it hard. I want to live my life not see it pass me by. Please remember the power of words. They can hurt. They can destroy. Lets try to find a way to spread positivity. Say something nice to at least one person a day. But most importantly, say something nice to yourself. You must be your utmost priority and then the love will spread out wider. If you are reading this, you are important and you matter…VL