Pathway to you…

What happens when the path you are on is not the one your loved one is on? Can love form a secret path keeping you connected? Maybe like Dorothy, we need a yellow brick road that leads us to them. Souls can bound themselves but what of the flesh? What happens when you need to feel what can’t be felt? What happens when you desire to surrender when there is no captor? All things are possible but it must have a connection. What I mean is if only one person is trying it will not work. But on the other side of that, is the beauty that comes when both people have a will and want of the other each creating a point of connection. This way there is always a path to connected with the other. In this life we all need these connections and seek them in many forms. Family, friends and lovers can all provide connections that help us to feel we are never alone. They are only a path a way. You have a sense of security in knowing you can find your yellow brick road that leads to the person on the other end. I do struggle to make connections. I fear leaving myself vulnerable and choose to not create so many but the ones I do have are my paths of light and gold. They shine bright and help me find my way through the darkness.

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