Never stop…

I have never hidden the fact that I deal heavily with my past. I have heard all the encouraging words of, “Let it go or it will consume you; or, If you live in the past you can’t enjoy the present”. I do know and understand that they all mean well but to have dealt with this yourself is to know that it is sometimes uncontrollable. It is a defense mechanism alerting us that things don’t seem right and to be careful. I think the best thing you can do for anyone who suffers from trauma is listen, have patience, be open and honest, have compassion and allow them to work through it. We don’t always need to be saved and it is us that have to find our way back. I have four wonderful children that know when to step aside and let mommy breathe. I thank God for his gift of these beautiful beings. They are miraculous and priceless. Then if God had not blessed me enough with my kids, he gave me not one but two men who love me and inspire me to want to stay in the fight. I have my husband and I have my Master. I wish everyone could have the type of support I have but I know how lucky I am too. If you suffer as I do, know you are not alone. I am there with you and you can come out of it. Never stop fighting and make every day count….

One thought on “Never stop…

  1. My username is OwnedbyM on the safeword D/s site we chatted in the lounge yesterday NZ time.
    I too have had trauma in my past my belief is trauma has a massive impact on self esteem self worth emotional and mental well being. It comes down to how we manage it. It takes time. I know this is why I need time to process all my thoughts and feelings My Sir understands and accepts this as who I am. He does not want to change me. He wants to empower me. That in itself is life changing.
    Thank you for writing about this

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