Plaguing Thoughts…

Happiness is what I seek in life. I don’t need many things in life but I do want to feel happy and spread happiness. Why is that? I feel it is to combat the darkness that dwells within me. It helps me keep it at bay. What do I mean by being happy? I just want to go about days feeling light and to know that I will be okay. There are days where I feel trapped and like the darkness will consume me. Then there are days where I am angry that the darkness doesn’t consume me. Those are the days when I feel tired of fighting and begin to wonder if it is worth it to keep pushing. The truth is, it is. I have my family and my Master. They are the ones that keep me going. I think I should add myself to the list as I do fight for myself too. I have seen enough bad to understand the good.

Darkness likes to take me but I can say that I love seeking new ways of finding my light and pushing through each day. I understand that not all my days will be easy nor shine as bright as the sun but I am happy to know I was able to push through. We all have different reasons as to why we struggle and none of us has it easier than the other. I think we all do our best to cope with what plagues us and each day we awaken is another chance to conquer our demons.

Anyway this is just me letting out a few thoughts and if you find yourself reading this and you are dealing with your own struggles, know that you are not alone. We can fight our separate battles together.

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