Submissive Reflection #3 ~ Mindset

  HisLordship (HL) and Missy have a site called, It is here that Missy has created a forum to reflect on our personal submission and D/s. It does matter if you are currently in a dynamic or single. This platform is a wonderful way to look into ourselves and see what we discover. There may be areas we like and others we don’t and decide we want to improve on or change. This is in no way a writing of how things should be done but a diary of my life and my submission.

  The third question set in Missy’s forum reflects mindset; What helps you to keep your submissive mindset? Now, please know that we will all see the same question and take a different approach to answering it. There are no right or wrong answers as it is your interpretation of the question and your response to it. I do hope that if you find yourself reading this that you will also consider writing about your own view on the subject. You can submit it and share it here or simply keep it for yourself.


  What I find helps for me is direction and stability. These two factors are very important to me. I enjoy having many rules and having all aspects of my life controlled by Master James. I am not the type of submissive who fights against submission or needs to be forced to submit. I am more of a naturally born submissive so I can enjoy and live within my submissive mindset daily. Every day I know what is expected of me and I know that at any moment more may be required of me.

As for a deeper mindset, our pain play helps get me there and by adding a video call it makes it so much more intense for me. I am in a LD D/s dynamic, though it feels as if we are closer than we actually are. Master James always does his best to be present and to communicate with me throughout the day. We have known each other for 2 years now and I can say there have been less than 10 days where we did not communicate in one way or another. Communication is big for my mindset as I feel lost when I don’t have the guidance I seek.

I would say another way I stay within my submissive mindset is never assuming anything. I always make sure to bring all matters that involve my being to my Master. My mind, body and submission belong to him. So, if there is a medical issue, travel plans or changes I want to do to my body (like tattoos or piercings) I know to speak to my Master first.

I do have my morning message I send daily where I add, “I submit to you Master James” and he makes sure to message me good night daily where I will respond back with a brief message ending always with, “I am yours…xx”. Those are part of the little things I do to show that I give my submission and obedience to my Master. He might ask what my plans are for the day and then check later to see if I completed them along with my daily walk. I know that for Master James the big tasks and the small ones all matter so I am always submissive to a degree. Play and tasks will bring an added deeper mindset but I find many ways to stay within and maintain a state of submissive mindset…

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