Finding My Happy…

Happiness. Do I want someone to be my happiness? Do I want them to bring happiness to my life? Or do I want someone who can show me the value of my own happiness and how to seek it with or without them? I think the third is the most valuable of the three but I must say I found someone that has given me or shown me all three. Isn’t amazing when someone walks into your life that gives you everything willingly without you needing to beg to be seen. I wanted nothing more to do with relationships that involved emotions. I was seeking to have my needs met and nothing more. What was I thinking? I will say to those of you feeling lost and a sense of hopelessness as I did, don’t seek to be cherished and love. Let it happen when it happens. Let it find you. Let it inspire you and bring you to life. Don’t force yourself to love someone unworthy of you and never beg anyone to accept you.

To my Master James:

You are my inspiration, my hope, my will, my encouragement, my protector, my punisher, my friend, my lover, my light, my blessing, my owner and my love. My list could go on forever. What you are not is my destruction or destroyer. You have shown me the beauty the world has to offer. You have the ability to bring me out of my darkness and into the light of your embrace and love.

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