Endless battle…

I, like many others, deal with depression, anxiety, insecurities and a plethora of other negative thoughts and emotions. However, I am not all negative. I love to see the value and beauty of all around me and in what the world has to offer. I seek to combat the darkness by seeking the light. We often right about our battles and how we feel when we are down but what about the ups. Sometimes when we are down we have a minor wall to jump over or a window we must find a way to open or break our way through. Then there are the taller walls we build that we strive to find our way around. Sometimes it is a dark room we must blindly feel our way out of. No matter how deep our sorrows are and how intense our obstacles are to free ourselves, we push through. Day in and day out this is our constant battle. Those are the moments we need to push to the forefront of our minds when we feel lost and can’t see our way out. We need to celebrate every one of our achievements not solely drown in our pool of emotional agony. We are good and we deserve to revel in our light. I can see yours, can you see mine?

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